At a well-attended breakout session, Agero’s VP of Mobile Engineering, Raj Behara, presented on the topic of preventing and detecting vehicle accidents in real time using AWS (Amazon Web Services). This was followed by a demo of MileUp, presented by our VP of Marketing, Jeannine Booton. The demo highlighted Agero’s groundbreaking use of mobile devices to crowdsource insight into natural driving behavior and crash detection. You can watch our presentation below.

Even more exciting, Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels, used Agero as a success story in his keynote presentation, and Matt Garman, VP of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, featured MileUp in an executive session on serverless architecture.

A key part of being an industry leader is helping our clients keep their drivers safe in new ways, and these important – and ongoing – innovations and enhancements are designed to do just that.