Agero’s nationwide network of service and integrated data providers makes locating and evaluating assets faster, smarter, and more cost-effective. Our uniform approach, proprietary analytics tools, and advanced mobile technology ensure consistent and accurate data collection every time.


Strengthen your resources
Move assets quickly, safely, and inexpensively with our asset verification, transport and impound release management solutions. You’re not only getting field information more easily, you’re making your business stronger.
Claims & Asset Management
  • Transport: The scale of our nationwide network services gives lienholders, insurance carriers, and others a reliable and efficient resource for non-emergency, non-priority towing, auction delivery, internet purchase transport, shop-to-auction transport, and other less time-sensitive jobs.
  • Impound Release Management: Agero is a long-time industry expert at finding smart ways to minimize storage time, rental costs, advance charges and administrative fees. Our dedicated Release Coordinators oversee the vehicle through the entire cycle, saving money on avoidable costs while minimizing routine expenses. 
Advance your information
Reduce costs and turnaround time without sacrificing quality of data. Get information quickly and accurately by utilizing Agero’s same-day asset verification services.
Information Services
  • Drive-by Asset Verification Service Traveling between locations, Agero’s nationwide network of Service Providers is passing virtually every home and business in the U.S. each week. Which makes our network a highly efficient turnkey resource for performing drive-by inspections, asset verifications and photo documentation. These services require no personal contact and can be performed without our trained drivers even having to leave the service vehicle.
  • Onsite Asset Verification & Evaluation Services Our network is also optimized as a resource for more comprehensive assessments of property, vehicles or other assets when a more thorough inspection and more detailed documentation – including high-resolution evaluation photography or video – is required