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Our deep understanding of our clients and their customers is from years of making over 80 million drivers smarter and more connected every year.

Thought Leadership

CIO Thought Leadership from Bernie Gracy, CDO at Agero.
Insurance CIO Outlook interview with Jeff Blecher
Distracted Driving by Wired
Automotive News TV on Distracted Driving
Consumer Reports about Distracted Driving
CIO Review - Agero Outlining how a Digital-enabled Roadside Experience results in enhanced customer engagement.
Agero’s Chief Digital Officer, Bernie Gracy, for an in-depth interview focused on leadership, innovation and business strategy.
Forbes Article January 29, 2016
Top notch service, through new tech, gets brands on the Millennial radar Semi-Autonomous Cars Make Insurers Wonder Who Is Driving
Telematics News - Exclusive interview: Agero’s head of strategy
CIO Magazine CEO Says Big Data Drives Towing Business Forward


Driver360 data
How Digital Transformation Drives Exceptional Customer Experience
4 Key Insights into Changing Driver Behavior in an Increasingly Autonomous World
NewCo Gathering at Agero
Agero’s Digital Transformation Strategy Validated by Digital Edge 50 Award
Driver body camera for driver body position (image courtesy of MIT)

Talks & Conferences

In their keynote speech, Agero's Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Blecher and VP of Product Strategy & Marketing Luis Quiroga spoke about the need to streamline claims severity processes, and potentially saving up to $3B of claims with automated accident scene management.
Agero partnered with Aria Systems, Oracle, and WirelessCar to demonstrate the power of the ecosystem behind the Subaru Starlink technology.
Semi-autonomy is coming FAST. It’s creating driver confusion, changing driver behavior, and potentially changing driver risk. This has sparked enormous interest among insurance professionals. Jeff Blecher, Agero's Chief Strategy Officer, shared the first look at our findings on April 22 at the AIR National Conference.
Agero presented on the topic of preventing and detecting vehicle accidents in real time using AWS (Amazon Web Services) at Amazon’s AWS re:INVENT conference in December 2017. In addition, Agero was featured in Amazon’s executives’ keynote presentations, as an early adopter of AWS services.

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Agero’s AI-powered mobile telematics platform, Driver360®, provides holistic crash detection and emergency response, as well as driving behavior analysis.