Sameer Bhalla

CEO and Co-Founder of Swoop
Sameer’s talents come to us through our acquisition of San Francisco-based Swoop, a software solutions provider delivering managed roadside services to fleets and dispatch software solutions to local service providers.

Sameer is focused on growing the Swoop team and solution, delivering exceptional roadside experiences to Swoop clients and an intuitive, end-to-end dispatch software solution for local service providers. His skills are at the heart of Agero’s ongoing digital transformation and drive toward technology leadership in our vertical, benefitting drivers, our clients, and our service providers.

His experience spans sales, operations, and product, bringing valuable experience in both startup and large enterprise settings, as well as insights from his experience as an Internet and Technology investor at a $10B Growth Equity fund.

Formerly with Technology Crossover Ventures (Dollar Shave Club, Facebook, EA, Minted, Netflix, Swagbucks, Zillow), Morgan Stanley

B.S. Applied Mathematics/Statistics, Double Major in Economics with a Minor in Entrepreneurship & Management • Johns Hopkins University. 


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