Semi-Autonomous Cars Make Insurers Wonder Who Is Driving

Hands-free driving isn’t going to arrive all at once.

So-called semi-autonomous cars are already raising a lot of auto insurance issues, starting with, “Who’s driving, anyway?”

This isn’t some academic question, with consequences decades away, whenever George Jetson-style flying cars finally arrive.

There are already a lot of cars on the road today with “forward-collision mitigation braking systems,” for instance, that can bring a car to a complete stop without driver intervention. That is, if sensors detect an imminent collision and the driver doesn’t react to visual and audible alarms.

The good news is, some analysts say as cars get safer, claims inevitably go down, and so do premiums.

But as high-tech systems gradually take over more responsibility for routine driving and for avoiding accidents, how is driver behavior going to evolve? What effect will that have on accidents and insurance claims? Read more.