When Agero assists drivers in need, we aren’t just delivering services, we’re creating experiences that forge strong connections between you and your customers. Only Agero’s roadside assistance and mobile technology resolve issues while strengthening your brand at every touch point. Start making lasting impressions and lifelong customers today.


Your drivers are our focus
Wherever your drivers go, we assure your brand is right there with them. Keep them safe and confident in your brand with Agero’s comprehensive roadside assistance services and mobile technology.
Roadside Assistance
  • VehicleAssist™Stronger connections to the people who drive your vehicles come naturally when you’re able to turn moments of truth into moments of trust. Agero’s VehicleAssist roadside assistance offerings are doing just that by pioneering knowledge-based next generation roadside assistance. Our five call centers provide award-winning service on over 10 million dispatches annually through Agero’s unsurpassed nationwide network of service providers.
  • Fully integrated APIs: Agero’s customizable application program interfaces allow for seamless integration of innovative features into existing OEM-branded apps and portals, giving your customers a comprehensive and efficient brand experience right through to a closed loop satisfaction survey.
  • Self-Service Capability: Our mobile optimized self-service portal gives your customers options during peak call volume and weather emergencies – while allowing us to triage calls and focus live call agents on customers with higher priority circumstances.
  • Live Event Status Tracking: Agero’s RoadsideConnect™ customer portal provides motorists with breakthrough access to real-time updated ETAs and current event status updates – right down to the service provider’s name, photo, and contact info – giving them peace of mind on the side of the road.
  • Affinity Motor Clubs: Our customized private label motor clubs deliver the seamless, tech-enabled brand experience you need to create stronger, lasting connections to your customers. We succeed by making your brand the hero.
  • Dealer Mobile Tech: Custom mobile customer services that cater to specific models, customers, or situations. Using branded service vehicles, these programs can offer white glove roadside service including everything from alternate transportation to waiting courtesy vans with newspapers and coffee.
  • Consumer Affairs: The scale and reach of Agero’s operations is an advantage for clients who use our experience and expertise to execute recall campaigns, mitigate public relations issues, and build or repair customer relationships.
Claims & Asset Management
  • Tire and Wheel: Customized management and fulfillment of repair and replacement coverage protocols for maintaining tire pressure and treadwear to OEM specs.
  • Vehicle Release Management: Agero is a long-time industry expert at finding smart ways to minimize storage time, rental costs, advance charges and administrative fees for vehicles under manufacturer warranty.
Anticipate your drivers’ needs
Anticipate your drivers’ needs and funnel repairs to your own facilities with our automotive information services.
Information Services
  • ClientConnect™: Agero’s ClientConnect dashboard provides dealers and management teams with transparency into your roadside program. Its data-rich interface lets you easily view real-time and ongoing geographical or model-driven roadside assistance occurrence and performance stats – right down to specific roadside and dealer events – enabling proactive contact to cross-sell or up-sell additional services after brand reinforcing events.
  • Service Advantage: At every turn, we’re using technology to grow your business – our tow-to destination screens can select qualified leads for recommended towing to local dealerships.

Testimonials / Spotlights

Automotive - Bill, New York
“Service Provider was very nice and explained everything. They even called me to let me know a driver was on their way. Great service!”
- Danni R., Iowa