A Foundation of Trust

We serve well over half of all new passenger vehicles sold each year - that’s a total of 115 million drivers and counting. But our scale doesn’t only reflect the number of drivers we protect, it includes the breadth of services we offer. We have the know-how and the industry clout to ensure your program expertly reflects your brand.

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2/3 of new passenger vehicles

sold in the U.S. served

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115 million

drivers supported

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12 Million

events annually

Agero Auto Dealer -  Repair Assistance and Dealer Referrals

Deep, Broad Roots in Automotive

We’ve been at this for nearly 50 years. That’s why top automotive brands trust us. With our deep roots in the automotive industry, we handle it all - from ultra-premium to economy brands. We are the only industry provider with the scale and breadth to offer repair assistance and dealer referrals to drivers you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Digital-First Driver Connectivity

Our digitally-enabled driver assistance tools will help you drive business and delight your drivers. Our highly adaptable APIs are built to guarantee a seamless, branded user experience from your drivers’ first touch points to their last.

Plus, requesting roadside assistance online is the preference of the future. Our solutions help you get there.

Agero - Requesting roadside through the app is easy.
Agero Services the Full Consumer Vehicle Experience Life-Cycle with Outlines

Technology for Drivers, Built for Automakers

By leveraging decades of experience and really listening to our automakers, we have invested in intuitive, insightful software that integrates with over 70 existing systems and third parties. Our solutions are built using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide seamless integrations, real-time event monitoring and transparency to optimize driver experiences. 

On the back end, you’ll have real-time insights into your customers' experiences. Our fully transparent system gives you the information to stay involved, while deepening their connection to your brand. 

“We were thrilled with the transparency of the Swoop experience.”

- Eric Kurt, Vice President of Hagerty Roadside

Our Partnership with SparkCharge to Support EV Owners

The biggest challenge in the adoption of electric vehicles and in roadside support is managing range anxiety and out-of-charge events. We’re partnering with an exciting new player, SparkCharge, who works with Service Providers to delivers a portable electric charging unit to stranded EV motorists. Read more.

The 511 podcast features insights, innovators, and other factors that impact roadside today and in the future.

Agero's The 511 Podcast Episode 1 - SparkCharge

“Electric vehicles have never taken a dip in terms of sales and we believe that our product is going to continue to help it grow exponentially because we’re removing all of these barriers to any ownership.”

- Josh Aviv, CEO, SparkCharge