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We're there for you so you can be there for your customers. Two-thirds of all auto insurers rely on us to help them manage over 12 million events each year - volume that benefits all of our clients. Every call we dispatch to a Service Provider is dispatched as an Agero call, ensuring your customers have the power of 12 million events behind every service.

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2/3 of the top auto insurers

in North America served

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1/3 of vehicles

on the road today supported

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12+ million events

managed annually

Accident Management (FNOL) Agero

1+ Million

accident events handled each year

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5-7 point

increase in customer retention

storage cost


average savings per accident claim

Agero - Seamless Integration into Auto Insurance Lifecycle

Everything You Need When Your Drivers Need It

Building trust with your customers is the key to your future. We’ve worked side-by-side with a vast number of auto insurers over the past 50 years, and that knowledge has helped us become a leading provider of software-enabled driving solutions, including roadside assistance, accident management, consumer affairs, and telematics. Our solutions make handling a vehicle breakdown or accident as easy as possible for everyone. Drivers are back on the road, they know you made that possible, and everybody wins.

We're able to protect 115 million vehicle owners through an unmatched combination of digital and human capabilities, engaging a curated network of thousands of background-checked service providers covering every zip code in the United States, as well as international network partnerships.

Digital Tools that Drive Satisfaction

We want to transform the towing and roadside service industry with easy-to-use technology. We empower service providers to deliver exceptional service through software automation at scale, driving business and delighting your customers. From start to finish, our highly adaptable APIs deliver a seamless, branded user experience.

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A Win-Win: Improve Your Customer Experience and Your Bottom Line

There are two ways to view a roadside event: as simply another claim, or as an opportunity to surprise and delight your customers, delivering on your brand promise. And we know that when a program is priced, packaged, and communicated well, NPS scores improve, and so do your profits. Increased efficiency in accident management can save millions. Our solutions are created for a win-win — your drivers are delighted, and your profitability is increased, too.

Root Insurance: Roadside for an Insurance Innovator

Root Insurance leverages the Swoop platform to deliver roadside. Root takes a novel approach to insurance, using telematics and their app to revamp rate calculations. They needed a partner who could match their digital approach. Learn more.

The 511 podcast features insights, innovators and other factors that impact roadside today and in the future. 

The 511 Podcast | Episode 3 Root Insurance Presented by Agero

“Including roadside is very well aligned with our goal of fairness and wanting to make sure we are unbreaking the insurance industry. In its simplest form, insurance is a promise that we are going to provide support and relief if you end up in a precarious situation with your vehicle. By extending our roadside program to every customer, we feel that is a huge part of that promise.”

- Sarah Woods, Director of Product Management, Root Insurance

Technology for Drivers, Built for Insurers

We draw from decades of experience with insurers like you to create software that seamlessly integrates with over 70 existing systems and third parties. Powered by sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, our solutions give you real-time event monitoring, end-to-end transparency, and an improved customer experience. And your customers benefit from a visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) experience, SMS notifications, and live event truck tracking. 

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“We selected Agero for their industry-leading technologies and innovative services, allowing us to benefit our policyholders with their expertise and streamlined processes.”

- Insurance Client