Agero Admin API - Team easily using Agero's platform

Admin API

Change Management Support

Changing dispatch systems is hard. We get it – we did it too! Easily upgrade your dispatch system to Swoop without disrupting your existing business systems with the Admin API. With real time access to all your transactions, so you get the upgrade without the headache.

Client API

Flexibility Drives Innovation

You’ve got an app for that? Then pair roadside with it. And don’t forget voice or chat or web. With the Client API, extend assistance to your customers through all your channels and even add new ones! If you can dream it, we can connect to it and together we can support customers get on their way. Check out what the client API can do for you.

Agero - Client API mobile app views
Agero - Provider API for service providers dispatch management

Provider API

Choice of Technology

Service providers are the heroes on the side of the road. We are committed to supporting these heroes with the tools and tech they need and connecting the pieces. With the Provider API, service providers can receive digital dispatches, provide tracking details, photos and more on the platform of their choice all while supporting our customers and clients with the features they expect.

Accident Management API

Integrations to STReamline vehicle recovery

Accidents are stressful, but accident management doesn’t have to be. The sooner a vehicle can be recovered from the accident scene, the smoother the process will be, saving you time and money. With Accident Management API, you can increase the technical capabilities of your claims system to drive more successful vehicle recoveries at the scene. And with greater case accuracy and completeness, avoid time spent in manual entry and subsequent follow-ups.

Agero Accident Management API - Getaround
Agero Customer in Repair Shop

Repair Shop API

Streamlining Operations

The roadside journey doesn’t end until the customer is back on the road enjoying the ride so we have a network of Repair shops to help support customers from roadside to repair. Our Repair Shop API help streamline operations by creating work orders before the tow even arrives taking time and steps out of the process for our repair shop partners and our customers.