Agero’s mission is to transform the entire driving experience through an unmatched combination of innovative technology and human-powered solutions. These include breakthrough mobile apps, telematics, and accident management services infused with driving intelligence and designed to bring added safety and convenience to drivers everywhere while driving customer loyalty.


  • SAFE.
    Assist your drivers anywhere, anytime, and keep them loyal to your brand.
    Roadside Assistance 
    Drive customer loyalty by meeting your customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations. VehicleAssist™ can get you there.

    Claims and Asset Management
    Increase efficiencies with immediate, on-scene solutions such as Claims Management, Accident Scene Management, and Viewpoint™, Agero’s mobile asset assessment technology. 


    Solutions For

  • SMART.
    Advance your business with insights that fuel innovation.
    Information Services 
    ClientConnect™, Agero’s portal for event-driven data analytics and insights, allows you to leverage customer experience insights to build long-lasting relationships. Financial Information Services make locating and evaluating assets fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

    Solutions For

    Anticipate your drivers’ needs and strengthen your relationships with them.
    Mobile Offerings
    With Driver360™, a breakthrough mobile UBI solution; RoadsideConnect™, a mobile communications platform; and more, Agero helps you proactively connect and stay engaged with your drivers.

    Solutions For

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“Excellent service across the board. Turned a bad situation into a pleasant experience. Highly recommended!”
- Alan D., Missouri
“My car broke down and I had to use my roadside assistance. Fortunately I have my Insurance Company’s app and the roadside assistance part was so easy to use. I’m still in a bit of shock that everything worked and it was so easy and fast!”
- Ed M.


Swoop, an innovative platform for roadside assistance and a subsidiary of Agero's, has been awarded “Best in Show” for its digital claims consumer experience at Digital Insurance’s Dig|In 2018 conference.
On April 26, Agero received the ACE Award for Best Omni-Channel Solution at the ACE conference in Orlando.
Agero hosted a NewCo event to discuss the ways in which we're using machine learning, predictive analytics, and data-driven intelligence to innovate on a massive scale.


Semi-autonomy is coming FAST and it’s creating driver confusion. Here is a brief overview of four key insights that really connected with insurance professionals at the AIR National Conference and sparked great discussions.
A full auditorium of local tech students and professionals recently filled Agero’s auditorium for a NewCo Boston learning session. NewCo celebrates companies that create positive and purposeful transformation in their industries.
Agero was recently awarded the Digital Edge 50 Award for our Proactive ETA (estimated time of arrival) Risk model, which leverages machine learning to monitor roadside services in real-time and predicts when service providers will be late. Agero's innovative technology is getting noticed.