Swoop Dispatch Management Accept Dashboard & Assign Driver by Agero

We Get It

We understand that consumers, agents, clients, and dealers all need different information, and they all need it in real-time. Swoop Dispatch Management is the complete software platform you need to deliver a vertically integrated, digital, and transparent roadside solution, improving each touchpoint and providing holistic end-to-end management for roadside assistance events.

Swoop backed by Agero | Automotive News PACE Award 2020 Finalist

Powerful Features for Enhanced Dispatch Management

Agero’s flexible, dynamic tools can transform the entire dispatch management experience, with powerful features including: 

Airkit On Demand App Integrates with Agero’s Swoop

Tap for Roadside

More than ever, drivers expect convenience, speed, and choice. We’re meeting this expectation one roadside event at a time, through technology informed by decades of engineering and experience. Our digital intake options include:  

  • Swoop Mobile Web (included with Swoop Dispatch Management) is an easy-to-use, branded experience where your customers can request roadside without downloading an app. Learn more.
  • Swoop Client API connects directly into your mobile app, making sure help is just one click away from the tools they use every day.
  • Get the best of both worlds with the Swoop Integration with Airkit. Airkit’s on-demand customer experience lets you expand upon the digital experience with a low code, easy-to-use studio. Learn more.
“The dashboard is very easy to navigate and learn how to use. The color coding really helps you to easily see when it's time to follow up with a service provider.”
Dealer working
“Once we started using Swoop, we felt we could see more tows coming in compared to before. Swoop is really helpful for the advisors to get both on site and towing notifications so they can start writing up the paperwork and prepare for the customer before they arrive. It is cool to see the trucks on the maps and pictures within Swoop as well.”
hagerty flatbed truck
“We were thrilled with the transparency of the Swoop experience.”

- Eric Kurt, Vice President of Hagerty Roadside