Roadside Assistance
Deliver scalable, transparent, efficient and digitally-enabled assistance when your customers need it most – at the roadside.

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Roadside Assistance

For over 45 years, our white-labeled roadside assistance products and services have safeguarded consumers on the road, strengthened our clients’ relationships with their customers and empowered service provider businesses.

With the combined scale and expertise of our network and the vertical integration and visibility of our platform, our transparency and innovation at scale are unmatched. We deliver a truly digital roadside experience with real time visibility, protecting over 115 million drivers with over 12 million dispatches each year.

Omni-Channel Service Request Options

Whenever, and wherever, roadside assistance is needed, Agero helps consumers get through their event safely and efficiently using the communication method of their choice. From those who want to connect to a live agent who can shepherd their unique needs through the process, to those who prefer a digital mobile app or website experience, to one-touch in-vehicle dashboard capabilities, customers now have complete control at their fingertips.

Agero’s omni-channel offering ensures seamless data transfers, allowing users to toggle between communication channels as they desire. Using a sophisticated technology integration approach, Agero is reimagining the driving experience to lift customer satisfaction and meet increasing consumer expectations.

Dynamic, Conversational Agent Experience

When your customers hit a bump in the road, we respond with empathy and keep them moving. Agero’s inbound contact center associates are the heroes to people in need over 30,000 times a day. This contact center excellence is driven by extensive training, rigorous planning, a highly committed team, and responsive agent tools to deliver exceptional service during the most stressful moments.

Customer Experience Incentivized Provider Network

Service Providers are the face of any roadside assistance program and have a significant impact on the driver experience. Agero’s vetted, national network of over 30,000 Service Providers provide high standards of service on every call across every zip code in the United States. Through our vertically integrated dispatch platform and ecosystem of digitally-enabled service providers, we are providing digital roadside at scale.

Leveraging massive data scale combined with the power of machine learning, Agero’s AI-enabled service provider selection algorithm uses event and situational data, such as weather and traffic, to identify the best provider match for every service event, optimizing service provider speed and performance.

Real-time Transparency and Visibility

Agero’s vertically integrated platform enables unparalleled transparency at scale for all stakeholders in real-time – delivering peace of mind for drivers, service providers, and clients.

  • Customers: Customers can initiate a fully transparent and digital service request with the click of a button. Once the request is submitted, they are able to review key details of their event, confirm their disablement locations, track the provider’s real-time ETA and see the equipment the provider will be bringing.
  • Service Providers: The easy to understand platform allows greater information exchange, enabling more fluid management of a highly mobile business. This includes digital notification of dispatch requests and job initiation and entire job management in-platform, including status updates such an en route, on scene, job complete and more.
  • Clients: Configurable and real-time reporting dashboards provide greater business insight, keeping you in the loop on your customers’ experiences. Our business intelligence tools provide live event status tracking, summary trends, key metrics and completed dispatch details. Learn more about the Agero Dashboard.

Data-Driven Event Management

Harnessing data from over 12 million yearly dispatches, Agero’s industry-leading machine learning-based event monitoring model addresses potential service issues before they happen.

Advanced algorithms analyze historical and real-time data to identify and elevate potential threats to service, enabling associates to intervene and communicate with drivers and service providers. This early action ensures the roadside experience more consistently meets drivers’ expectations for seamless service delivery, increasing customer satisfaction.

Electric Vehicle Expertise and Support

Agero recognizes the need for updated roadside services, support, and resources as the industry shifts to alternative energy solutions such as electric power vehicles. While these vehicles offer the promise of greater efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and performance benefits, they also bring new challenges to drivers.

Agero API integrations for mobile and connected car platforms can assist consumers in locating nearby charging stations, alleviating anxiety around a potential out-of-charge roadside event. After the fact, our qualified and closely managed network of service providers have access to the latest electric vehicle training and equipment available for roadside charging.

We are currently involved in pilots to test the latest charging technologies, starting with level 3 mobile chargers to understand how the ability to quickly charge a vehicle can positively impact the consumer roadside experience and how this technology can be delivered at scale.