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Dispatch Management

The SaaS platform you need to deliver a vertically integrated, digital, transparent roadside solution worldwide.

Swoop Dispatch Management improves the roadside assistance experience at each touchpoint and provides holistic, end to end management. It can be configured to leverage your call center or network or by utilizing Agero’s network and call centers.


• Intuitive User Interface: Easy to use design for entering, monitoring and analyzing roadside events.

• Advanced Algorithms: Pairing roadside events and providers is optimized based on your business objectives for ETA, quality or cost.

Powerful API: The platform enables quick and easy connectivity to business systems or mobile applications through a state-of-the-art API.

Reporting & Analytics: Built in reporting enables real time visibility and analysis of key event metrics.

Dashboard: View live events and monitor progress through the dashboard.

• Map View: View all events on an interactive map.

Detailed History: Detailed event history is captured every step of the way, including pictures, arrival time, agent notes and more.

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