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Roadside is in Our DNA

We understand the complexities of running a roadside program. Consumers, agents, clients, Service Providers, and dealers and repair shops all need different information, and they all need it in real time. Swoop Dispatch Management is the complete software platform you need to deliver a vertically integrated, digital, and transparent roadside solution, improving each touchpoint and providing holistic end-to-end management for roadside assistance events.

Swoop backed by Agero | Automotive News PACE Award 2020 Finalist

We Support Clubs at Home and Around the Globe

With billions of vehicles and hundreds of millions of events, motor clubs have their work cut out for them. We're proud to help. We know the impact that a technology upgrade can have on your motor club.

Our mission is to deliver a seamless digital customer experience by supporting a range of different services, network models, and vehicles, with ahead-of-the-curve technology.

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We're #1

fastest growing motor club software in Europe

“Millions of motorists each year trust us to help them. Swoop not only combined transparency and a fully digital experience to meet the expectations of the market but was  the only platform that could fulfill our operational requirements at scale while also being easiest to use.”

- Ludger  Kersting,  Managing Director, ADAC 

Our solutions are designed for the road ahead

We are constantly adapting to meet the evolving needs of our partners, clients, Service Providers, and customers. Our solutions are designed for easy onboarding and to grow with your business.

Logic, services, and settings are all configurable in order to drive efficiency in your contact centers with digital communication channels, often eliminating the need for any human intervention at all.

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