Transform Your Business

Swoop is the most robust digital dispatching platform on the market. Swoop developers spent countless hours alongside providers to develop the most intuitive tow software available. 

We launched Swoop as our dispatch application because of its incredible capabilities, its scalability and flexibility, and its ease of use. When added to Agero's data-driven events management and highly skilled people, the Swoop application improves roadside assistance from end to end.

  • Robust digital dispatching
  • Intuitive design
  • End-to-end solution
  • Free for Agero providers


How It Works

What can our Swoop platform do for you? Watch this video to learn how you can streamline and manage your business with Swoop.

Tow Management Software
Swoop Dispatch Management Platform from Agero

Powerful Benefits

Swoop can expand with your business, so no matter how large (or small) you are, you’ll have the software suite to handle the volume. Swoop also features:  

  • An easy-to-use interface  
  • Accept and assign jobs to drivers digitally  
  • Push notifications for incoming jobs  
  • Free account with unlimited users  
  • Streamlined billing 
  • Same-day setup — you’re eligible for your first job in minutes  
  • Real-time truck tracking  
  • Customized reporting  
  • Performance insights
  • At-a-glance job management  

Work The Way You Want To  

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, our Swoop technology makes your job easier. Prefer managing jobs from your computer in the office? The Swoop web application gives you a full-screen view of your business. On the road more often? The Swoop mobile app helps towers manage jobs from the palm of their hand. Each event, from dispatch and job details to uploading photos and getting signatures,  is fast and easy. Plus, customers stay in the loop through real-time tracking, SMS updates, and live feedback.

Integrate with Your Current System or Don’t  

Swoop tow software can be used as a standalone solution. Or you can use it alongside your existing software — whichever best fits your business. When you integrate with other platforms, such as Towbook, you can also manage your cash calls, municipal or police business, and much more.

Auto Rescue Towing Software - integrates with Swoop from Agero
Pulsar Towing Software - integrates with Swoop from Agero
Agero's Swoop platform itegrates with Beacon Software

“Swoop not only gives me the tools to deliver better service, it makes my job easier.”

- Hernel L., Roadrunners USA (FL)

Service Provider on Mobile Swoop App

The #1 Choice For Drivers  

Swoop’s mobile dispatch capabilities provide all the details you need for every job, as well as notifications and automatic status updates. Swoop also provides vital liability management with features such as uploading photos, collecting signatures, and producing damage waivers. Worried about your device’s battery life? The Swoop app is optimized to only use what’s needed.