Agero & Lyft Partnership on Alternative Transportation for Roadside

Alternative Transportation for Accident

Offer your customers a complimentary Lyft ride to get them back on their way. This service can be added to your existing Accident Management program and customized to meet the needs of your customers and budget. Rides are dispatched through Agero's Accident Management Dashboard or through our integration with Guidewire ClaimCenter. 

Agero Improves Accident Experience


Lyft is the 2nd largest and fastest growing ride sharing company in the US and offers service within range of 85% of all events. Learn more about Lyft’s safety program.


Customers can request a car immediately, wait for the service provider to arrive, or get a pick-up after the car is dropped off to be fixed, all with no app download required.


Agero & Lyft - Big Innovation Award - Winning Product Automotive


Damage Assessment

Leverage photos captured directly from the accident scene to streamline your accident workflows, enable desktop appraisal, and ensure proper vehicle routing - all of which can reduce claims cycle time and cost while getting the customer back in their vehicle sooner. Agero’s Damage Assessment upgrade saves up to 4 times the cost of itself. Plus, you'll always have access to these photos through our Accident Management Dashboard.

Agero Damage Assessment Demo Video

Benefits of Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment was designed with the key initiatives for claims management in mind. We understand how critical loss cost, expense, customer service and employee engagement, are to your success. Our solution helps delivers results for you, your team and your customers.

accident management

Reduce Costs

through prompt total loss determination

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Simplify Claim

documentation and recovery

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Quickly Drive Resolution

with proof of vehicle delivery

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Reduce Cycle Time

by accelerating the appraisal

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Increase Transparency

for your team