Damage Assessment

Leverage photos captured directly from the accident scene to streamline your accident workflows, enable desktop appraisal, and ensure proper vehicle routing - all of which can reduce claims cycle time and cost while getting the customer back in their vehicle sooner. Agero’s Damage Assessment upgrade saves up to 4 times the cost of itself. Plus, you'll always have access to these photos through our Accident Management Dashboard.

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Benefits of Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment was designed with the key initiatives for claims management in mind. We understand how critical loss cost, expense, customer service and employee engagement, are to your success. Our solution helps delivers results for you, your team and your customers.

accident management

Reduce Costs

through prompt total loss determination

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Simplify Claim

documentation and recovery

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Quickly Drive Resolution

with proof of vehicle delivery

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Reduce Cycle Time

by accelerating the appraisal

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Increase Transparency

for your team

Crash Detection Response

Using your own branded smartphone app, automatically detect when your customer have been in an accident. We take over from there. Our response solution can immediately triage, contact emergency services, inform emergency contacts, and create a claim. This upgrade reduces the time and effort needed to create a case and ensures top notch support for your customer when they need it most.​

Agero Crash Dectection Response Video
Benefits of Crash Detection Response

The best way to support customers during and following an accident is with a rapid response that takes care of them, their vehicle and gets the claim started straight away. We’re here to help. Crash Detection Response enables you to support your customer on a really bad day while saving agent time, effort, and cost.​

Agero FNOL

Reduce Loss Cost

capture on scene FNOL and streamline repair process

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Value Add Service

to support customers and increase satisfaction

Agero effortless

Easy to Integrate

configurable to meet the needs of your customers and your business

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Flexible Options

to connect to leading technology partners through our API