Consumer Affairs
Deliver consistent, efficient communications to your most valuable asset: your customer.

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Consumer Affairs

Helping you build deeper customer relationships has been our mission for over 40 years.

Agero’s Consumer Affairs solutions and services help you maximize customer satisfaction by effectively and efficiently resolving questions and concerns at the earliest state of intervention.


The era of “ping ponging” your customers from contact center to contact center is over. Through Agero, your one-stop connected vehicle contact center solution, you can serve it all on one call.

With over 20 years of experience in the telematics industry, Agero combines seamless contact center integration with enhanced connected vehicle solutions, allowing customer needs to be efficiently handled by a single associate without requiring call transfers.

Managing over 12 million service and accident events a year, including 2,500 first responder situations a month, Agero excels at safeguarding your customers on the road, strengthening your relationship with your drivers.

Support includes: ACN First Responder • SOS • Stolen Vehicle Tracking • Vehicle Immobilization • Enhanced Roadside Assistance • Remote Door Unlock/Lock • Vehicle Status • Remote Horn and Lights • Subscription Updates • Vehicle Provisioning • Concierge Services • Reporting

Recall Management

The right customer communication support, built on transparency and responsiveness, can help you maintain consumer satisfaction and turn a threat to brand loyalty into a moment of trust.

Agero’s total case management solution leverages a group of dedicated associates to directly interact with your customers during a product emergency. Our robust automotive knowledge base, experienced team of over 2,400 contact center associates, and flexibility as an extension of your brand means we can rapidly ramp up as you need us, ensuring swift and on-message communication with your customers in the times you need it most.

Sales Support

When you bring a new vehicle to market or launch a new sales event, you want to make an impact with consumers – fast. Overwhelming in-house customer care or sales teams with making calls or answering inquiries can exhaust not only your employees, but your potential buyers.

Agero New Model Sales services provides focused inbound and outbound vehicle campaign support and ongoing monitoring following launch. From making cold calls to fielding incoming questions, our expert contact center associates can help you maximize your brand image and meet your sales goals.

Customer Care Service Center

Agero’s customer care service center capabilities and experience provide complete integrated customer care contact center solutions that can be fulfilled seamlessly under your brand and through the entire customer support lifecycle. Enabled by knowledgeable, trained associates, Agero’s customer care teams provide full, multi-medium customer care, administrative and reporting support tailored to your specific needs. By utilizing Agero solutions customer support staffing, technology and infrastructure, you can lower staffing and operating expenditures while promoting customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Support includes: Customer Inquiries • Dispute Resolution • Technical Assistance • Dealer Parts Inventory Assistance • Lemon Law Case Monitoring • NHTSA Reporting • Warranty Claims Assistance • Social Media Monitoring • Warranty Registration & Enrollment • Connected Vehicle Services Registration & Enrollment