When incidents happen on the road, your policyholders turn to you for help. With a focus on the service experience, delivered through transparent, digital and integrated solutions and capabilities, Agero converts roadside and accident events into customer retention opportunities.


Assist your drivers
Overcome incidents and the aftermath safely, easily, and quickly while winning customers’ trust.
Roadside Assistance

Our combined scale, network expertise, transparency and vertical integration provide a truly digital roadside experience with real time visibility – resulting in loyal insurance policyholders.

  • Vertically Integrated Platform: Real-time service request and event transparency and control for you and all stakeholders – consumer, service provider and contact center associate.
  • Self-Service Request Options: Expansive line-up of omni-channel capabilities give consumers freedom to interact in their preferred communication channel. Review more information about our On Demand app.
  • End-to-End Mobile Experience: Configurable mobile application program interfaces (APIs) allow for seamless integration of Agero features into your existing branded apps and portals, for a seamless digital experience.
  • Event Status Tracking: Motorists have access to real-time updated ETAs and current event status – right down to the service provider’s name, photo, and contact info.
  • Proactive Event Monitoring: Advanced machine learning algorithms proactively detect and elevate service delivery risks, such as delays, enabling specially trained triage associates to intervene and get the event back on track.
  • Transparent Reporting: Configurable and real-time reporting dashboards and business intelligence tools provide live event tracking, summary trends, key metrics and completed dispatch details to keep you in the loop on your customers’ experiences. Learn more about the Agero Dashboard.
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Charge Support: Agero API integrations help consumers locate charging options and alleviate anxiety while our qualified and closely managed network of service providers have access to the latest electric vehicle training and equipment available for roadside charging.


Accident Management

Our accident response centers with emergency triage capabilities, backed by a nationwide network of service providers, enable you to provide a better and more valuable experience to customers during an accident, while also improving your ability to quickly identify and process first notice of loss, saving approximately $500-$800 per claim.

  • Comprehensive Accident Scene Management: Trained Agero accident response associates reach out to drivers, provide emergency assistance and dispatch rescue services and tow.
  • Accident Event Tows: Agero’s specialized network of tow operators are equipped and experienced in handling the complexity of securing a non-drivable vehicle from the accident scene, bypassing municipal responders and eliminating associated towing and storage fees.
  • Streamlined Vehicle Release Management: Our team of dedicated release coordinators manage every aspect of the vehicle release process to minimize storage time, unnecessary fees, and cycle times, lowering overall costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • FNOL-Related Savings: By arriving within moments of the accident, we enable you to bypass municipal responders, improve FNOL times, eliminate secondary towing and storage fees and streamline the customer experience at a difficult time.


Testimonials / Spotlights

Insurance - Customer
“I was very impressed with the quality and speed of service. Makes me feel that I have made the best decision choosing my Insurance company. Thank you!”
- Mineshia M., Alabama