When incidents happen on the road, your drivers turn to you. With innovative solutions including VehicleAssist™, ClaimsAssist™, and Driver360™, Agero equips you to nurture customer relationships while managing roadside services and processing claims with industry-leading speed and efficiency. Only Agero helps you strengthen your business and win lifelong customer loyalty.


Assist your drivers
Overcome incidents and the aftermath safely, easily, and quickly while winning customers’ trust.
Roadside Assistance
  • VehicleAssist™: Seven of the top ten insurance carriers choose Agero. The reason is clear: Stronger connections to insurance customers come naturally when you’re able to turn moments of truth into moments of trust. Agero’s VehicleAssist roadside assistance offerings are doing just that by pioneering the next generation of roadside assistance. Our five call centers protect over 80 million drivers with award-winning service on over 10 million dispatches annually through our unsurpassed nationwide network of service providers.
  • Fully integrated APIs: Agero’s customizable application program interfaces allow for seamless integration of our features into existing carrier-branded apps and portals, giving your customers a comprehensive and efficient brand experience right through to a closed loop satisfaction survey.
  • Self-Service Capability: Agero’s RSAHelp mobile self-service portal gives your customers options during peak call volume weather emergencies – while allowing us to triage calls and focus call agents on customers with higher priority – and often riskier –circumstances.
  • Live Event Status Tracking: Agero’s RoadsideConnect™ provides motorists with breakthrough access to real-time updated ETAs and current event status – right down to the service provider’s name, photo, and contact info.
  • MobileCare™: Custom mobile customer services that cater to specific policies, customers, or situations. Using branded service vehicles, these programs can offer white glove roadside service including everything from alternate transportation to waiting courtesy vans with newspapers and coffee.
Claims & Asset Management
  • Claims Management: Easy-to-administer and proven protocols that often resolve accidents in just one day – compared to the industry average of seven to 17 days – while offering significant and ongoing carrier savings measured in millions.
  • Accident Scene Management (ASM): Our smart and innovative processes, protocols, and on-scene decision-making protocols bring speed, order and efficiency to the chaos of roadside incidents, saving carriers unnecessary storage fees, municipal fees, transport costs, and claim costs.
  • Vehicle Release Management (VRM): We are a long-time industry expert at finding smart ways to minimize storage time, rental costs, advance charges, and administrative fees – all while decreasing cycle time and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • ViewPoint: A damage assessment tool that expedites and improves the claim process. This smart technology solution combines our nationwide network with high-resolution photography to offer a variety of highly accurate condition documentation and location confirmation solutions for virtually any asset or incident scene. 
Advance your offerings
Make every customer interaction timely and relevant with event-driven data and insights into your drivers’ in-car experiences.
Information Services
  • ClientConnect™: Agero’s ClientConnect dashboard provides agents and management teams with transparency into your roadside program. Its data-rich interface lets you easily view real-time and ongoing geographical or model-driven roadside assistance occurrence and performance stats – right down to specific roadside events and accidents – enabling proactive contact to cross-sell or up-sell additional services after brand reinforcing events.
  • Industry Analytics: Comprehensive analytics reporting suite designed to shed light on your roadside program performance, determining areas of strength and weakness, to identify opportunities for continued success and further program advancement. 

Testimonials / Spotlights

Insurance - Customer
“I was very impressed with the quality and speed of service. Makes me feel that I have made the best decision choosing my Insurance company. Thank you!”
- Mineshia M., Alabama