Simplifying a Complex Program

Accident management  is  incredibly complex. We simplify it. Our end-to-end accident scene management software coordinates multiple service providers (including third parties, repair shops, and storage yards) from one unified location. The result? A better, faster, simpler experience for consumers - and lower costs for insurers. Everyone wins. 

We're Everywhere

We’re Everywhere

Our national network of service providers just can’t be beat. No matter where you are in the country, help will always be available. And when you combine this kind of reach with the advanced technology at our disposal, your options are faster, more flexible, and more cost-effective than anything offered anywhere else.  

We Offer End-to-End Solutions

From start to finish, we partner with you to ensure all aspects of an accident claim run smoothly. By arriving within moments, you can: bypass municipal responders, eliminate secondary towing and storage fees (saving approximately $500 to $800 per claim),

improve FNOL times, and streamline the customer experience at a difficult time.  By overseeing the disabled vehicle through the entire cycle, we can help you reduce costs and get vehicles back to your drivers  quicker — improving customer satisfaction.  

  • Bypass municipal responders
  • Improve FNOL times
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
Accident Scene Management Team at Agero

Accident Scene Management 

We’ve helped customers at the accident scene for over 17 years. Our accident response centers with emergency triage capabilities, backed by a national network of service providers, help you give a better and more valuable experience to customers in need and quickly identify and process first notice of loss (FNOL). Our trained  Agero accident response associates reach out to customers, provide emergency assistance and dispatch rescue services and tows,  and  report specifics on the severity and nature of the accident.

vehicle storage lot

Vehicle Release Management 

It takes a lot of know-how to negotiate the release of a vehicle from a storage lot. Local regulations, processes,  market rates - the list goes on. Our team of dedicated release coordinators manage every aspect of the vehicle release process with proven protocols that facilitate the fast and efficient release of stored vehicles to minimize storage time, fees like rentals and advance charges, and overall cycle times. The result? Prompt transport to preferred repair facilities in just one day — compared to the industry average of 5-15 days.

Agero Accident Management Dashboard - man on computer

Everything you need, at your fingertips

Our digital approach streamlines the claims process, and with our Accident Management Dashboard you can get started without any complex integrations. The easy-to-use dashboard will empower your team to manage accident claims more easily, saving time and money while getting your customers back on the road faster.

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Crash Detection Response

Using your own branded smartphone app, automatically detect when your customer have been in an accident. We take over from there. Our response solution can immediately triage, contact emergency services, inform emergency contacts, and create a claim. This upgrade reduces the time and effort needed to create a case and ensures top notch support for your customer when they need it most.​

Crash Detection video

Benefits of Crash Detection Response

The best way to support customers during and following an accident is with a rapid response that takes care of them, their vehicle and gets the claim started straight away. We’re here to help. Crash Detection Response enables you to support your customer on a really bad day while saving agent time, effort, and cost.​

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capture on scene FNOL and streamline repair process

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to support customers and increase satisfaction

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configurable to meet the needs of your customers and your business

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to connect to leading technology partners through our API

We Integrate with Your Ecosystem

Agero  doesn’t come in and upend your entire process. Instead, we adapt to  you. We customize  and configure our accident management software to your current system. Our robust set of APIs  can be configured to a wide range of current systems, including TrueMotion,  Guidewire, and more, and can include your partner ecosystem and your contact centers. We bring it all together.  

“The Service Provider was very professional and demonstrated pride in what he was doing. I felt confident with his care of my vehicle.”

- Gloria N., Texas