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A mature Accident Management program is about so much more than simply moving damaged vehicles. It’s about delivering a seamless end-to-end experience that leverages the latest in digital capabilities to deliver higher accident scene capture rates, lower secondary tow cycle times, and greater loss cost avoidance.

Imagine a world where a customer’s vehicle or mobile phone detects that they were in an accident, triggers an inbound call to make sure the customer is okay and dispatch emergency services if necessary, initiates a digital first notice of loss, and creates a request for an accident scene tow directly to a repair shop or salvage yard. Our Accident Management program can help you make that world a reality.

Agero Accident Management Client Team

How You Benefit

Each time a vehicle is not recovered from the accident scene, you run the risk of adding unnecessary costs to the process. Between storage fees, vehicle rentals, release fees, and secondary tows, these costs can add up quickly. With Agero as your Accident Management partner, you benefit from unparalleled access to the accident scene, resulting in significant cost avoidance for your organization and a shorter process for your agents and customers.

Minimize loss cost

Minimize Loss Cost

Loss costs are on the rise, but with faster dispatch assignments as well as more accurate and complete accident details, you can reduce these costs by as much as $850 per case.

Reduce time and effort

Reduce Time & Effort

Whether integrating with your native claims system or providing an easy-to-use interface, we provide the tools to reduce the time and effort to handle an accident claim by an estimated 5-6 minutes.

Improve customer experience

Improve Customer Experience

By streamlining assignment, assessment, and repair, you can be the hero to your customers by shortening cycle time from weeks to days.

Crash Response

Through integrations with leading telematics providers, Crash Response automatically detects when your customers have been in an accident via your own branded smartphone app. Our response teams take over from there to enable faster vehicle retrieval and delivery. Through immediate detection and response, this upgrade reduces costs, streamlines the recovery process, and ensures top notch support for your customers when they need it most.

Accident Management
Agero Accident Management API - Getaround

Accident Management API Integration

Integrating your claims system with our Accident Management API is the best way to drive operational efficiency for your claims handlers, saving time that would otherwise be spent on the phone or performing redundant data entry. A direct API integration is also the best way to ensure your claims handlers are sending us high quality case assignments, dramatically reducing the need to back-and-forth communications that are both costly and time consuming.

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Agero Accident Management Dashboard - man on computer

Accident Management Dashboard

In addition to our API integrations, the Accident Management Dashboard is your next best solution to streamline the claims process without any complex integrations. The easy-to-use dashboard empowers your team to manage accident claims more easily, saving time and money while getting your customers back on the road faster.

With the Agero Accident Management dashboard, the vast majority of our accident tows are fully digital, saving our team time and helping us deliver a better experience for our customers and claimants

Brian Savoy, Senior Manager, Physical Damage and Estimatics at Metromile

Using Technology to Drive Evolution

Metromile Logo - Easy way to submit claims digitally

San Fransisco based insurance-tech, Metromile, extends their digital, seamless experience to assist their customer's in the event of an accident. Through the Metromile mobile app, customers can quickly and easily file a claim. Once the claim is filed, the Metromile team leverages Agero's Accident Management platform to capture the vehicle, review the details and process the claim, in as little as just one day!

Metromile app
Agero Service Provider Network 24/7

Supported by best-in-class provider network

Our national network of preferred accident providers has the experience and expertise needed to handle the complexity of securing non-drivable vehicles.

We Cover Every Zip Code

We take great pride in having the nation's strongest network of light, medium, and heavy-duty providers who are well trained and committed to providing a world-class experience for your drivers.

High Capture Rates

Our scale and technology enables successful accident scene recoveries at a higher rate than anyone else in the industry, ensuring maximum cost avoidance for your organization.

Customer Transparency

With the Accident Management API, you can enable status updates for your customers via text messaging to keep them informed on provider ETAs, setting expectations and minimizing complaint rates.


Vehicle Recovery

Simplify the vehicle release process

Although recovering a vehicle from the collision scene is the ideal outcome in Accident Management, other factors can sometimes prohibit this best case scenario. In these situations, negotiating the vehicle release from storage can be extremely challenging due to local regulations, processes,  market rates — the list goes on. Fortunately, our team of dedicated release coordinators manage every aspect of the vehicle release process to minimize storage fees and overall cycle times. The result? Prompt transport to preferred repair facilities in just one day compared to the industry average of 5-15 days.

Agero - Integrates into Accident Management Ecosystem

We integrate with your ecosystem

Agero doesn't dictate your claims process, instead we are a flexible part of your ecosystem. We can leverage our robust and open API's to work with your ecosystem and platforms, including Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Guidewire, and others. Anywhere there is need for our Accident Management capabilities, we can bring it all together.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics

A leader in mobile telematics, integrated with Agero through our crash detection API.


A leading platform for claims management leveraged by the insurance industry and integrated with the Agero accident platform.

Delivering peace of mind

Provide Accident Management services to your customers as a value-add offering, delivering a feeling of safety and assurance while building brand affinity.

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