Winback enables quick, proactive, and empathetic follow-up with customers after negative roadside experiences to resolve issues before they escalate. Rapidly engage dissatisfied customers and convert challenging experiences into brand-building opportunities.

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Agero's Winback Experience a 1-2 point improvement in customer NPS.

Case Id and Resolution

  • All customers with poor NPS results are automatically flagged for follow-up on the Winback dashboard

  • Dedicated case managers are trained in empathy and complaint resolution, so that customers feel listened to and supported

  • Case managers have the discretion to make things right with customers, by providing goodwill or simply offering an apology

Speed and Technology

  • Most customers are called within an hour by a specialized Winback case manager

  • Purpose-built dashboards on a world class platform ensure immediate and seamless case handover to Winback team


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Digital Coupons

Deliver a keys-to-keys experience by extending your support from roadside through repair with Digital Coupons. Your roadside consumers can receive convenient, timely, targeted discounts at leading partner facilities from the Agero repair assistance network.

Agero has built a curated nationwide repair network of leading repair facilities and dealerships. Our matchmaking logic is used to create exclusive offers which help reduce the stress and uncertainty for those who need help determining a tow destination.

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Service Provider Tracking Icon

20% of drivers

need help selecting a tow destination

Agero Digital Coupons

5x more likely

to go to a dealer with a coupon

car dealership icon

>50% of consumers

believe dealer repairs are higher quality

service repair and parts icon

Desirable Offers

diagnostics, parts & labor, tires, batteries, and more

Command Center

Roadside assistance can falter. Recover the customer experience before issues arise with Command Center.

Command Center automatically flags events with high likelihood of a missed ETA, utilizing intuitive case management dashboards built on a world-class platform. Our proprietary machine learning algorithm, trained with data from over 50 million events, can accurately predict missed ETAs in any zip code in the US. Download our sell sheet here.

Command Center Provided by Agero

Highly trained case managers resolve service issues before they become visible to customers, establishing trust and loyalty. Case managers are empowered to do what it takes to resolve the issue and provide customer care,

resulting in a 20-30% reduction in customer complaints. In 2018, we received the Digital Edge 50 Award for our Proactive ETA risk prediction model, which fuels our Command Center upgrade.

20-30% reduction in customer complaints

Award-Winning Proactive ETA Risk Model

Data from 50+ million events


Agero Dashboard enables visibility and reporting for your roadside events.

Agero Reporting

Agero Dashboard enables visibility and reporting for your roadside events. Your team will better understand how your customers are using roadside plus review their experiences. This transparency empowers you to truly leverage roadside as a loyalty building tool.


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Live Case View

  • Map view shows in-progress and recently completed events, with real-time analysis of event trends, outliers, and key metrics, including survey feedback.


  • Customizable reports include real-time data access, analysis by location and frequency, customer satisfaction scores, and more.

  • Filters enable quick insights to help you drill down into the data.


  • Access full case details in an easy-to-read summary which includes maps, customer feedback, intake channel, and case notes.

  • Sophisticated filters and a clickable map enable easy analysis.


Alternative Transportation

Minimize disruption from tow events. Help customers involved in a disabled vehicle event get on with their day by offering a Lyft ride to their destination of choice. Alternative Transportation with Lyft increases NPS by over 4 points when customers are offered a ride, even if they choose not to take it.

How it works

  • Agents order and pay for rides in a concierge-style experience

  • Rides are triggered immediately or initiated at a later time by customers with the push of a button

  • Customers can track the status and location of their ride – no app required

  • Customers who opt to leave their car before the tow truck arrives will continue to receive service status updates

Agero & Lyft - Big Innovation Award - Winning Product Automotive


Alternative Transportation provided by Lyft for Agero Clients
Lyft big


Lyft is the second-largest and fastest-growing ride sharing company in the US, and their nationwide network offers service within range of 80-85% of all roadside events. Rider safety is of the highest priority for Lyft and their safety program includes annual criminal background and driving record checks for drivers.