What Is SparkCharge?

SparkCharge is a company dedicated to ending “range anxiety” when it comes to electric vehicle ownership. Their portable EV charging system allows providers to help stranded EV drivers who've run out of charge. Watch the video to see how simple it is to operate SparkCharge's mobile charging unit.

SparkCharge® Product Variation on Batteries for Agero Service Providers
SparkCharge Video
  • How do I buy a unit?

    Go directly to SparkCharge's website to learn more about purchasing a mobile charge unit. Alternatively, you can email Sales@SparkCharge.io.

  • How much do they cost?

    The cost of the unit varies depending on the number of batteries you'd like. If you'd like to purchase a system outright (we recommend a charger and two batteries), it's around $4,000. Alternatively, you can lease a system for $1,000 down and monthly payments of $150. They also have financing available through Affirm.

  • How much does a unit weigh?

    The charger is around 30 pounds and each battery is around 60 pounds.

  • How long does a charge take?

    SparkCharge's portable charging system generates 15 miles of range in just 15 minutes. Their stackable batteries can deliver up to 60-75 miles of range per full stack. 

    SparkCharge Stackable Batteries

Attention Agero Providers

We're currently working through the details of our mobile charging program, and we'll  keep you updated with all the information you'll need when we have it. At this moment, SparkCharge is offering a discount on their mobile charging unit for all contracted Agero providers. Fill out the form to the right if you're interested and we'll send you a promo code via email.

Should you make the decision to buy a mobile charging unit today, please do so based on the current need in your area, and not the potential for Agero-dispatched jobs in the future.