Experience and Scale to Handle It All

We are the largest wholesale provider of roadside in the business, with a scale that benefits all of our stakeholders. Every call we dispatch to a Service Provider is dispatched as an Agero call, ensuring your customers have the power of 12 million events behind every service.

This scale doesn’t only reflect the number of events we handle, it also guides data-driven decision-making at every level of our business. We use these insights in tandem with our industry expertise to support our clients in using roadside services to meet your business objectives.

Our outcome-based roadside packages are curated to ensure that our services expertly reflect your brand while delivering on the results that matter most to you and your customers.

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115 million


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12 million

dispatches a year

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roadside events per day

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of U.S. zip codes covered

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40+ Terabytes

of data power our provider selection algorithm

Agero's Standard Roadside tier delivers exceptional value.
Deliver value through user-friendly technology. Automation capabilities, our advanced dispatch platform technology, and the unmatched scale and quality of our curated service provider network enable effortless 24/7 roadside support to every zip code.
Enhance your brand through premium roadside customer service.
Enhance your brand through premium customer service. Optimized for customer experience, this package blends cutting-edge technology and award-winning customer care to strengthen the connection between your customers and your brand.
Differentiate your brand through state-of-the-art roadside service offerings
Differentiate your brand through state-of-the-art service offerings. This configurable package builds on the Premium tier, unleashing a rich set of add-on features and services to help iconic brands separate from the pack.

“We take one request and get that right. Then we do it again, 12 million times. Each request as important as the first.”

– Dave Ferrick, Agero CEO

Swoop Dispatch Management Platform from Agero

Powered by Cutting-Edge Technology

Our proprietary digital roadside assistance software, Swoop®, is a holistic platform for the roadside intake request as well as tow management software for the service provider, allowing seamless integration with existing systems. This solution gives you complete end-to-end visibility without transferring data to a third-party platform or systems, as well as robust digital reporting and real-time visibility, coupled with singular platform security and compliance.

Award Winning Platform:

  • Our Swoop solution helps agents perform 24/7 event monitoring with ETA alerts, time tracking, color coding, and notifications. Artificial intelligence and algorithms do everything from selecting the best service provider to escalating cases that need additional support. Your customers are kept informed throughout the entire event.

How we support drivers:

  • Text and/or live call communication options, status tracking, proactive event monitoring, unsurpassed national network of service providers.

How we support CLIENTS: 

  • Real-time reporting dashboards, live event tracking, dispatch details, customizable APIs for seamless integration, consumer affairs including recall campaign management.  

Bringing The Human Touch to Stressful Moments

Roadside can be messy. That’s its nature. And for those messy times, you need a knowledgeable person who can expertly employ advanced technology to extend comfort to your drivers. 

Scale & Skill

We serve over 12 million customers every year across our three geographically dispersed contact centers and network of third-party partners. On our busiest days, we peak at over 6,000 events an hour. This volume requires automated tools and, for complex cases, the highly qualified, trained, and skilled hands-on care of our nearly 2,900+ support team members who are standing by to assist drivers in need.

Our size allows us to deliver economies of scale and financial stability. And our services, and each of our centers, are supported by comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery infrastructure.

Agero Contact Center Agents
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With A Safe and Robust National Network

We take great pride in having the nation's strongest network of light, medium, and heavy-duty providers who are well trained and committed to providing a world-class experience for your drivers. Our scale and our network management approach ensure that only the most qualified providers handle these events. Unique in the industry, all of our providers are background checked at the driver level.

Swoop® offers a Tow Management solution as well, helping our nationwide network of service providers quickly triage jobs to their drivers and as a result, more efficiently run their businesses.

A Vertically Integrated, Digital Experience

More than ever, drivers expect convenience, speed, and choice. We’re meeting this expectation one roadside event at a time, through technology built for the digital age. 

Whether customers request help through your own mobile apps, our Mobile Web and Web App channels, connected vehicle integration, or even an old-school phone number, the platform connects the driver with a service provider, our agents, and your representatives in real time, ensuring full transparency for the entire event.

Roadside Assistance

Upgrades Easily Configured to Meet Your Needs

We understand every program has different needs, and some may need more features and services than others. Our real-time reporting dashboards and 24/7 command centers keep you informed of your customers’ experiences. Our integration with leading rideshare app Lyft offers alternative transportation when a tow is needed. Our customer WinBack tools help right an event that may have gone wrong. We can also quickly scale your program with Consumer Affairs and Connected Vehicle Services at a moment’s notice. 

“The company texted me right away with an ETA. Then I got two phone calls verifying service. I appreciated all the updates!”

- Martin P., Rhode Island